Three D Radio announcer, Megan Cat (up until recently with her husband, the late Peter Brat) lives in "The BratHaus" a rural seaside home about 100km from Adelaide on South Australia's scenic Fleurieu Peninsula.
Veteran musician Peter, and artist/musician Megan, were long-time DJs on Three D Radio 93.7fm
, Adelaide's eclectic independent music station.
Together Peter & Megan, known as "The Cat and The Brat" created this blog to allow listeners to review the playlists of their radio show, "Technicolour Dreaming" , watch clips of selected songs and simply join them in the enjoyment of their favourite music... psychedelia, 60's garage,
surf, punk/post-punk, pop, folk-rock, glam, 'Krautrock', goth, 80's electro... and much more!
But The Cat is carrying on the tradition, with guest co-presenters, and "Technicolour Dreaming" will continue in the same format, drawing from the huge "Cat & Brat" music collection, with the addition of new releases and reissues to keep things current. The Brat is hugely missed, but the show must go on, as he wanted...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obscured By... March 22, 2011

“OBSCURED BY...” this week again had a single ‘.’ at the helm – this time it was Michael Hunter – playing the usual plethora of forgotten 60’s singles from Australia and beyond plus obscure gems from other eras and genres... including a track from Brazilian legends ‘Os Mutantes, who played here recently at ‘Womadelaide’, as well as a live recording from 2003 of the reformed ‘Masters Apprentices.

...and here is the play-list :

Alison Durbin – Don’t come any closer (7” single 1970 Aust.)

the Brigade – As A Boy (7” single 1966 Aust.)

the Motion – Nice Girl (7” single 1966 Aust.)

the Gremlins – Coming Generations (7” single 1967 Aust.)

the Twilights - John Hardy (7” single 1966 Adelaide, Aust.)

Os Mutantes – Baby (Os Mutantes)

9.30 Fly – Mr 509 (9.30 Fly)

Blonde on Blonde – Circles (Looking Towards the Sun – comp.)

Back Street Band - This ain’t the road (7” single 1969 USA)

Bobbi Blake – Rock Rock Beat (song poem 7” single USA)

Dick Kent - Smiling Farmer (song poem 7” single USA )

Major Bill Smith – Freddy, the Disco Frog (song poem 7” single USA )

Ira Cook – What is a girl? (7” single 1958 USA)

Evolution Control Committee – What would you do if I sang Auto-tune? (demo 2010 USA)

les Hou Lops – Vendredi m’Obsede [‘Friday on my Mind’: Easybeats cover, sung in French] (7” single 1967 Canada)

Alice Cooper – Hello Hooray (Billion Dollar Babies)

Tempest – Let’s live for today (Another Dawn)

Squeeze – Squabs on 40 Fab (7” single [b-side] 1978 UK)

Chipmunks – I ain’t no danged cartoon (7” single [b-side] 1994 USA)

Ira Cook – What is a boy? (7” single 1958 USA)

Zane & Hogan – Studio 54 (7” single USA )

Bobbi Blake – Who played house with you? (song poem 7” single USA)

the Capt Matchbox Whoopee Band – My canary has circles under his eyes (Smoke Dreams)

Peter Tilbrook – Stop the Time (7” single 1967 Adelaide, Aust.)

the Masters Apprentices – Wars or Hands of Time (2003 ‘live’ in Adelaide, Aust.)

Eero Kolvistoinen – Small games inside an urban limousine (Psychedelic Phinland – comp.)

the Charlies – On Art Criticism (Psychedelic Phinland)

Apollo – Thoughts (Psychedelic Phinland)

Lightyears Away – Yesterday (Love, Peace & Poetry Vol 5 : UK – comp.)

Bodkin – 3 Days after death, Pt 1 (Love, Peace & Poetry Vol 5 : UK)

Christie Allen – He’s my number one (Magic Rhythm)

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