Three D Radio announcer, Megan Cat (up until recently with her husband, the late Peter Brat) lives in "The BratHaus" a rural seaside home about 100km from Adelaide on South Australia's scenic Fleurieu Peninsula.
Veteran musician Peter, and artist/musician Megan, were long-time DJs on Three D Radio 93.7fm
, Adelaide's eclectic independent music station.
Together Peter & Megan, known as "The Cat and The Brat" created this blog to allow listeners to review the playlists of their radio show, "Technicolour Dreaming" , watch clips of selected songs and simply join them in the enjoyment of their favourite music... psychedelia, 60's garage,
surf, punk/post-punk, pop, folk-rock, glam, 'Krautrock', goth, 80's electro... and much more!
But The Cat is carrying on the tradition, with guest co-presenters, and "Technicolour Dreaming" will continue in the same format, drawing from the huge "Cat & Brat" music collection, with the addition of new releases and reissues to keep things current. The Brat is hugely missed, but the show must go on, as he wanted...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Technicolour Dreaming

This week the Cat and the Brat featured old songs and new, favourites and obscurities, with different sounds from both here in Australia and from the rest of the world... definitely Technicolour Dreaming! Beginning with a woozy track from the 2001 album by Texan trio, Lift To Experience, we ventured through some disparate psychedelic music from the likes of Suns of Arqa, Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck, Scorpio Tube and Espers, to the garage beat of Melbourne’s Los Hories, UK band Thee Attacks, and Adelaide’s the Molting Vultures, local punk from Standard Union, Nederbeat from the Outsiders, dropping in some classic Easybeats and Death In June, with the Suburban Lawns “new-wave-novelty-hit” from 1979, ‘Gidget Goes To Hell’, thrown in as.... well, as a ‘novelty’! New to the station library were some fairly recent albums by UK band, the Psychotic Reaction, dropped in by a former member, Luke, who also brought in an advance copy of the debut album by Adelaide’s surf/garage kings, DieselWitch, his current band... so of course we played a track from both, ending the show with a ‘different’ take on Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth” by veteran Adelaide punks, Fear and Loathing!
..... and here is the full playlist....
Lift To Experience – These are the Days     (The Texas/JerUSAlem Crossroads)
Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck – One Ring Jane     (7”single 1969 Canada)
Death In June – Burn Again     (Abandon Tracks)
Suns Of Arqa – Tomorrow Never Knows [Beatles’ cover]     (Solar Activity 1979-2001)
the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Suppose they give a war and no-one comes     (‘Volume 2: (Breaking Through)’ LP 1968 USA)
Wooden Shjips – Home     (West)
Los Hories – Dead Town     (‘Antipodean Screams Vol. 2’ compilation 2007 Australia)
the Suburban Lawns – Gidget Goes to Hell     (7”single 1979 USA)
the Dacios – Liberty Lovers     (Monkey’s Blood)
Standard Union – The Slide     (‘DepthCharge 10: 3D Radio compilation of local music’ 2011 Adelaide, Aust.)
the Hands of Time – The 4th Nail     (‘Antipodean Screams Vol. 1’ compilation 2003 Aust.)
the Psychotic Reaction – A Moment Of Clarity     (Genre Music Is The Enemy)
GG Alan Bindig – Kitty Always Wins     (‘DepthCharge 10...’)
Espers – Caroline     (Espers 111)
Golden Triangle – The Melting Wall     (Double Jointer)
the Outsiders – Doctor     (‘CQ’ LP 1968 Netherlands)
the Molting Vultures – Caccamawartoo     (Get a Grip!)
the P.90s – Send Me Love     (‘Monday’ cdEP 2011 Adelaide, Aust.)
Thee Attacks – Are You?     (SHINDIG! magazine compilation : ‘It’s Happening Vol. 2’ 2010 UK)
Even – Show Me Some Discipline [Sunnyboys cover]     (Happy Man : a tribute to the Sunnyboys)
the Easybeats – I’ll Make You Happy     (‘Easyfever’ EP 1966 Aust.)
Scorpio Tube – Yellow Listen    (7”single b-side 1970? USA)
Lothar and the Hand People – Machines     (‘Presenting...’ LP 1968 USA)
DieselWitch – Kicks     (DieselWitch Will Kill You)
Fear and Loathing – Planet Earth [Duran Duran cover]     (Full Mongrel)    

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obscured By... Sept 27 2011

Diversity within obscurity.  Japanese post punk, a dodgy Dylan cover, recently unearthed Indonesian and Iranian psych rock, a dodgy Rock Hudson song, some rare Five Sided Circle recorded live in Adelaide 2 days previously, early Ian Dury and Joe Strummer, a dodgy mash-up, a visit to the "Q" section of the Three D library - and more.  All on the critically acclaimed show known as "Obscured By...", hosted this week by Michael Hunter  (Critical acclaim entirely made up.)

Gene Pierson  Reach Out I'll Be There  (single Aust 1970)
Bakery  Holocaust  ("Momento" LP Aust  1972)
Spectrum  Soul Man  ("Breathing Space As Well" CD Aust 2011)
Five Sided Circle  Jackie's Thing  (live, Adelaide Sept 25 2011)  The song was written by 5SC guitarist Trevor McNamara for the band Musick Express in 1970 but he had not performed it live himself until this gig.

Tracks from "Ongaku 80" comp CD (2011) - Japanese post punk etc:
Riuichi Sakomoto  Riot In Lagos
Portray Heads  Elaborate Dummy
Phew  Urahara
PTAs  Woo-Guy After Dark

Q Feel  Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be Bop)  (single UK 1982)
Denis Quinn  Journey To A Remarkable Place ("Open Secret" CD UK 1987)
Queen Ida & Her Zydeco Band  Half A Boy & Half A Man  ("Caught In The Act!" LP 1985)

Kilburn & The High Roads  Rough Kids  ("Handsome" LP UK 1974)
The 101ers  Letsagetabitarockin'  ("Elgin Avenue Breakdown"  LP UK 1975)
Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club  Video Killed The Radio Star (original version)  ("English Garden" LP UK 1979)
DJY Alias JY  Don't Let It Be In Anger  (Beatles vs Oasis mash up)
Urban Guerillas  Here Come The Americans  (CD single Aust 2005)

AKA  Glenmore  ("Hard Beat"- comp 2011 of Indonesian band's recordings 1971-77)
Chetarca  Chetarca  ("Chetarca" LP Aust 1975)
Kourosh Yaghmaei   Niyayesh (Praise)  ("Back From The Brink" 2CD of pre-revolution Iranian psych artist)

Rock Hudson  Blessings In Shades Of Green  ("Rock, Gently" LP US  1970)
Les Miserables  Une Lettre (The Letter)  (single Canada 1967)
Serge Gainsbourg  Initials BB  (single France 1967)
Messieurs Richard de Bordeaux et Daniel Beretta  La Drogue  (single France 1967)
Chris Roberts  Blowin' In The Wind  ("Love Me" LP Germany 1972)

Sevil And Ayla  Irgat  ("Turkish Freakout 2" comp CD 2011)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technicolour Dreaming

It was a Cat alone this week, playing an 80’s-skewed selection of her favourites ranging from Adelaide’s Nuvo Bloc to the U.K.’s Japan, Gary Numan and the wonderful voice of Billy McKenzie in the Associates, with sidetrips to Shower Scene From Psycho and the Spikes. She did venture era-wise both back and forward from there though, with the very phased sound of Caleb from 1967 through to a track from the new Wooden Shjips album. And, of course, she played another track from our ‘Album of the Month’ by Almost Numan, this time from the “ON” disc of originals... here is the full playlist....
Iggy Pop with Steve Jones – I Wanna be Your Dog     (‘Le Rock’ magazine – ‘Down on the Street’ cover CD)
Thrust – Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell     (‘Hard to Beat’ LP 1988 – Stooges tribute compilation, Australia)
Brian Eno – How Many Worlds     (Another Day on Earth)
Air – Sexy Boy     (Moon Safari)
Asphyxiation – L’Acrostique D’Amour     (12”single 1981 Melbourne, Aust.)
Shower Scene From Psycho – Turn Up Your Radio [Masters Apprentices cover]     (Exploding Hits 1982 – 2000)
Ash Wednesday – Love by Numbers     (7”single 1980 Adelaide, Aust.)
Gary Numan – We Are Glass     (7”single 1980 UK)
Nuvo Bloc – Equal Education     (demo 1980 Adelaide)
Japan – Taking Islands in Africa     (‘Gentlemen Take Polaroids’ LP 1980 UK)
Wooden Shjips – Phonograph     (West)
the Spikes – The Meaning of Life     (‘Colour in a Black Forest’ LP  1985 Adelaide)
Caleb – Baby Your Phrasing is Bad     (7”single 1967 UK)
the Bad Poets – Crash Sweet Crash     (“5MMM’s  Compilation of Adelaide Bands 1980” LP)
Sparks – Rock! Rock! Rock!     (Hello Young Lovers)
the Sand Pebbles – Elephant Gun     (Atlantis Regrets Nothing)
Hugo – Girl in the Garden     (7”single 1969 Adelaide – on ‘Mean, Mean City: Adelaide Scene 1965 – 1969’ compilation)
the Associates – Club Country     (‘Sulk’ LP 1982 UK)
Almost Numan – Attention Seeking Missile     (Almost Numan – disc 2: “ON”)    #
Black Box Recorder – Facts of Life     (The Facts of Life)

    # ‘Album of the Month’

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obscured By...

It was another voyage around the world of 60’s beat music this week on Obscured By..., piloted by Peter Brat, flying solo. From the Slaves in Switzerland to the Psychedelic Aliens of Ghana to Adelaide’s own Machine Gun Kelly’s Rejects, we highlighted an era where that beat was globally all-pervasive, but is only now actually available globally. Hence we got to hear from Iran’s psych legend Kourosh Yaghmaei’s 1973 LP, Chile’s Sacros [whose 1973 LP was banned by the Pinochet dictatorship], the Golden Earrings 1965 Dutch single, of which only 6 copies were pressed, a track from Lothar and the Handpeople’s 1968 LP in the US, and many more... We also played more recent songs by the likes of Lizard Train and Wooden Shjips, plus a great live version of an AC/DC classic by the inimitable Tiny Tim...
..... so here is the playlist....

Machine Gun Kelly’s Rejects – I’m Going Back     (recorded 1967 but unreleased – ‘Big Beat Cellar Scene: Adelaide 1965-69’ compilation)
Jimmy Crockett and the Shanes – That Lovin’ Touch     (7”single 1965 Aust.)
Wright of Waye – Sun God     (7”single 1968 Aust.)
Max Merritt and the Meteors – So Long baby     (7”single 1965 New Zealand)
the Playboys – The Mean One     (7”single b-side 1965 Aust.)
Marcie and the Cookies – You’re on my Mind     (7”single 1968 Aust.)
Judy Stone – Society’s Child [Janis Ian cover]     (7”single 1969 Aust.)
Tiny Tim – Tiptoe through the Tulips/ Highway to Hell [AC/DC cover]     (‘live’ 1994 – ‘Cosmic Outlaws: US Underground 1962-1970’ comp.)
Wooden Shjips – Flight     (West)
Steve Hillage – Hurdy Gurdy Man [Donovan cover]     (‘Live at Deeply Vale’ LP 1978 UK)
Terakaft – Tenere Wer Tat Zinchegh     (Ishumar [Mali-Niger Tourags])
Psychedelic Aliens – We’re laughing     (Psycho African Beat – Ghana 1967)
Psychedelic Aliens – Homowo     (Psycho African Beat)
Dug Dugs – Voy Hacia El Sol     (‘Smog’ LP 1973 Mexico)
Sacros – Manos Duras     (‘Sacros’ LP 1973 Chile)
Hugu Tugu – Fino a leri [‘Somebody to Love’-Jefferson Airplane cover]     (‘60s Beat Italiano’ comp.)
the Golden Earrings – Not to Find     (7”single 1965 Holland)
AB and C – Vies     (7”single 1965 Holland)
Lazy Bones – Driftin’     (7”single 1965 Holland)
the Sauterelles – Hong Kong     (‘Swiss Beat Live 1966’ LP)
Slaves – Shut Up     (7”single 1965 Switzerland)
Chapta – Journey to the Sun     (7”single 1968 New Zealand)
Kourash Yaghmaei – Shirin Joon     (‘Back from the Brink’ LP 1973 Iran)
Mayfly – Blue Sofa     (‘Mayfly’ LP 1971 Holland)
Threshold of Pleasure – Rain Rain Rain     (7”single 1968 UK)
Harry ‘the Hipster’ Gibson – Who Put the Benzedrine     (US 1947 – from “Who Put the Benzedrine: Best of” LP 1989)
Lothar and the HandPeople – Machines     (‘Presenting’ LP 1968 US)
Lizard Train – She’s like a Cloud     (Flexi-disc with ‘the Bob’ magazine: demo recorded 1985 Adelaide)
the Beach Nuts – Surf report     (7”single 1985 Aust.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Technicolour Dreaming

The Cat and the Brat rejoiced in a “bad crowd” theme this week, as you’ll notice from songs by bands as diverse as Big Black and the Zachary Thaks... with Adelaide being well represented over the decades by the likes of the Twilights [60’s], Exploding White Mice [80’s] and the Molting Vultures [00’s]. We also featured the new single by the Frowning Clouds from Melbourne, a Simon and Garfunkel cover by the Church, a 2007 track from the Len Price 3 (caught ‘live’ in the UK recently by last week’s co-host Bryan) and an alliterative favourite from the Monkees. We played another track from our current “Album of the Month”, the double CD from Almost Numan which features the Adelaide band doing one CD of  Tubeway Army/Gary Numan/Devo cover-versions [called ‘OFF’] and another of 80’s-inspired originals [called ‘ON’] – great stuff! Plus songs from the Throb, Black Cab, Wire and lots more...
..... so here is the full playlist.....
 Ed Harcourt – Hanging with the wrong crowd     (Here Be Monsters)
the Black Angels – Bad Vibrations     (Phosphene Dream)
the Molting Vultures – Bad Bad Woman     (Drop In and Go)
the Twilights – Bad Boy     (7”single 1966 Adelaide, Australia)
the Zakary Thaks – Bad Girl     (7”single 1966 Texas, USA)
Big Black – Bad Penny     (‘Songs About Fucking’ LP 1987 Chicago, USA)
David Bowie – Big Brother/Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family     (‘Diamond Dogs’ LP 1974)
the Vegetable Garden – Hypnotic Suggestion     (7”single 1968 Perth, Aust.)
the Throb – Black     (7”single 1966 Sydney, Aust.)
the Frowning Clouds – Rescue     (CD single 2011 Melbourne, Aust.)
the Atlantics – Lighter Shades of Dark Pt 2     (7”single b-side 1969 Aust.)
Johnny Young – Hold On     (‘Surprises’ LP 1968 Aust/UK)
the Monkees – Peter Percival Patterson’s Pet Pig Porky     (‘Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones Ltd’ LP 1967 USA)
the Monkees – P.O. Box 9847     (‘The Birds, The Bees and the Monkees’ LP 1968 USA)
Black Cab – Rescue     (Call Signs)
the Church – I am a Rock [Simon and Garfunkel cover]     (‘Sing Songs’ EP 1982 Aust.)
the Len Price 3 – Mesmer     (Rentacrowd)
the Yardbirds – Shapes of Things     (7”single 1966 UK)
Nuvo Bloc – I’m a Rock     (demo 1979 Adelaide)
Almost Numan – Me I Disconnect from You [Tubeway Army cover]     (Almost Numan – ‘OFF’)   #
Wire – Outdoor Miner     (7”single 1979 UK)
the Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence – Sleepy Jan     (A Once and Future Thing)
the Exploding White Mice – Bad Little Woman     (‘A Nest Of Vipers’ LP 1985 Adelaide)

    #  ‘Album of the Month’