Three D Radio announcer, Megan Cat (up until recently with her husband, the late Peter Brat) lives in "The BratHaus" a rural seaside home about 100km from Adelaide on South Australia's scenic Fleurieu Peninsula.
Veteran musician Peter, and artist/musician Megan, were long-time DJs on Three D Radio 93.7fm
, Adelaide's eclectic independent music station.
Together Peter & Megan, known as "The Cat and The Brat" created this blog to allow listeners to review the playlists of their radio show, "Technicolour Dreaming" , watch clips of selected songs and simply join them in the enjoyment of their favourite music... psychedelia, 60's garage,
surf, punk/post-punk, pop, folk-rock, glam, 'Krautrock', goth, 80's electro... and much more!
But The Cat is carrying on the tradition, with guest co-presenters, and "Technicolour Dreaming" will continue in the same format, drawing from the huge "Cat & Brat" music collection, with the addition of new releases and reissues to keep things current. The Brat is hugely missed, but the show must go on, as he wanted...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Technicolour Dreaming

Regular listeners will be aware of our fondness for rarities, and this week we had a couple of brilliant examples. Firstly, we played from the new Orgone Box LP, a re-issue of Rick Corcoran’s classic 2001 album which includes remixes, re-recordings and an extra track from a 1996 Japanese-only EP, which was of course the song we played. We followed that with a lost Curt Boettcher-produced single from 1967, by our favourite ex-Byrd Gene Clark, which was unreleased at the time but finally issued by the fine people at Sundazed in 2008. Finally, towards the end of the show, we featured a track by Thomas Edisun’s Electric Light Bulb Band from their never-released 1967 pop-psych masterpiece, “The Red Day Album”, which was issued by Gear Fab records earlier this year. Then there were tracks by Eternal Tapestry, Holy Wave, the Left Banke, the Moles and many more, before finishing with UK outfit, the Sunchymes, as well as a song by Death In June, as a prelude to our forthcoming interview with Douglas P. next week.....
..... so here is the playlist, with accompanying visuals.....
Sendelica – Zhyly Byly      (“The Fabled Voyages of the Sendelicans” LP anthology 2014 Wales, UK)
Ant-Bee – Love Is Only Sleeping [Monkees cover]      (“Lunar Muzik” 1997 USA)
the Yardbirds – Little Soldier Boy      (“Little Games” LP 1967 UK)
Eternal Tapestry – Cosmic Manhunt      (“Beyond The 4th Door” 2011 USA)
the Sun Blindness – A Trip in a Painted World      (“Like Pearly Clouds” 2008 Australia)
Faust – It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl      (“So Far” LP 1972 Germany)
Lords of Gravity – Where You Gonna Run      (“Contact” 2005 Australia)
Holy Wave – Do You Feel It?      (“Relax” 2013 USA)
Chris Malcolm – Hurt, Love & Fire      (7”single b-side [to Trip on Life] 1968 Australia/USA)
the Allah-Las – Every Girl      (7”single b-side [to Had It All] 2014 California, USA)
Graham Day & the Forefathers – Love Me Lies      (7”single 2014 UK)
New Electric Ride – Mr Bumblebee      (“New Electric Ride EP” 2013 UK)
the Left Banke – I’ve Got Something On My Mind      (7”single b-side [to Desireé] 1967 New York, USA)
Camera – People Are Strange [Doors cover]      (“A Psych Tribute To The Doors” compilation 2014 USA)
Moon Duo – Zoned      (split-7”single [with Psychic Ills] 2012 USA)
Orgone Box – Ticket With No Return      (orig. released 1996 in Japan only – taken from “Centaur” LP re-issue 2014 UK)
Gene Clark – Only Colombe      (recorded 1967 USA, unreleased – issued on 7”single 2008 USA)
Pinkunoizu – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch      (“The Drop” LP 2013 USA)
Zhol Caravan – Planet Earth      (“Electrip” LP 1969 Germany)
Françoise Hardy – Song of Winter      (“One-Nine-Seven-Zero” LP 1969 France)
Dickens – Genocide      (“Royal Incarnation” LP 1969 France)
les   LimiñanasVotre Coté Yéyé M’emmerde      (Costa Blanca” 2013 Perpignan, France)
Death In June – Idolatry      (”Rule of Thirds” 2008 Adelaide, Australia)
Pure Bathing Culture – Dream the Dare      (“Moon Tides” 2013 USA)
the Moles – Brain Garden      (“The Future Sounds of Ashton” 2010 Wales, UK)
Thomas Edisun’s Electric Light Bulb Band – Have You Been to the Light      (recorded 1967 – released as “The Red Album” 2014 USA)
the Sunchymes – Revelations In Her Mind      (“Let Your Free Flag Fly” 2012 Northampton, UK)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Technicolour Dreaming

Robyn Hitchcock is in town this week for the first show of his latest Australian tour, playing at the Gov on Friday night, and we interviewed him by phone from Sydney during the latter part of ‘Technicolour Dreaming’. He has had a long, interesting career, beginning with the Soft Boys in the 1970’s, and following through with umpteen solo albums and collaborations to his present position of an unofficial “UK national treasure”. Our conversation ranged from reflections on the role of psychedelia in the 60’s to jokes about pith helmets and Victorian gentlemen-explorers and other diversions. He really is a charming person and, needless to say, a brilliant musician, so don’t miss his shows during this tour. Using Robyn’s music as our starting point, we moved into a variety of other delights, some related, some not. His fondness for Syd Barrett’s music led us to Captain Sensible’s unique take on Syd’s “Octopus”, whilst his trip to Greenland, publicising the effects of climate-change, led to us playing Iceland’s Singapore Sling – a slightly vaguer link, I’ll admit! We also continued to plunder the wonderful Love, Poetry & Revolution: a journey through the British psychedelic and underground scenes 1966-72  boxset which we mentioned last week, with songs by Tuesday’s Children and the Mirage, as well as a song by the Fut from 1970 which has often been erroneously credited to John LennonYoko even tried to copyright it in 1985 – but which was in reality a recording by Maurice Gibb, Tin Tin and others... an early try for an “Australian Beatles Tribute Band perhaps?..... or not!  Throw in some Pinkunoizu, Pugwash, Los Saicos and others and there you have it – another edition of Technicolour Dreaming done and dusted.....
..... and here is the playlist with associated visuals, including the song by the Fut.....
the Soft Boys – Mr Kennedy      (“Nextdoorland” 2002 UK)
Sons of Hippies – The Soft Parade      (“A Psych Tribute to the Doors” compilation 2014 USA)
Pugwash – There You Are      (“The Olympus Sound” 2012 Ireland)
the Beach Boys – Caroline, No      (“Pet Sounds” LP 1966 California, USA)
the Sand Pebbles – Natalie      (orig. on “Atlantis Regrets Nothing” 2006 Australia – this live version rec. 2007 – taken from “Tomorrow Is Today: a tribute to the Australian psychedelic scene 1966-70” compilation 2007 Australia)
Gravenhurst – The Prize      (“A Ghost In Daylight” 2012 UK)
Pinkunoizu – Down in the Liverpool Stream      (“The Drop” LP 2013 USA)
Tuesday’s Children – A Strange Light from the East      (7”single 1967 UK – taken from “Love, Poetry & Revolution: a journey through the British psychedelic and underground scenes 1966-72” compilation boxset 2013 UK)
the Mirage – The Wedding of Ramona Blair      (7”single 1967 UK – taken from “Love, Poetry & Revolution...” compilation boxset 2013 UK)
the Fut – Have You Heard the Word      (7”single 1970 UK – taken from “Love, Poetry & Revolution...” compilation boxset 2013 UK)
Spider 72 – Thursday Sound Revival      (“Seven” 2012 UK)
Robyn Hitchcock – I Want You (She’s So Heavy) [Beatles cover]      (“Mojo : Abbey Road Now” cover-mount-CD compilation 2009 UK)

           ****   Phone conversation between Robyn Hitchcock in Sydney and the Cat & the Brat in Adelaide, prior to his appearance with Steve Kilbey on Friday night, 25th April, at the Gov    ****

the Soft Boys – Underwater Moonlight      (“Underwater Moonlight” LP 1980 UK)
Captain Sensible – Octopus [Syd Barrett cover]      (“Mojo : The Madcap Laughs Again” cover-mount-CD compilation 2009 UK)
Los Saicos – Demolición       (7”single 1965 Peru – taken from ”¡Demolición! - The Complete Recordings” anthology 2010 USA)
Bob Irwin & the Pluto Walkers – Joker’s Wild [Ventures cover]      (7”single 2012 USA)
Medicine – It’s Not Enough      (“To The Happy Few” 2013 UK)
 the Auras – The Peacock      (“The Auras EP” 2012 Toronto, Canada)
the Sunchymes – Through My Eyes      (mp3 single 2013 UK)
Morgan Delt – Mr Carbon Copy      (“Morgan Delt” 2014 California, USA)
Singapore Sling – Make Us A Fire      (“Perversity, Desperation & Death” 2010 Iceland)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Technicolour Dreaming

We began this week’s show with an old favourite from the Dolly Rocker Movement and ended it with a new one by Pinkunoizu, with the usual diverse mixture in between. There were also several new acquisitions waiting for us at the Post Office to enrich the mix, including the new “Psych Tribute to the Doors” compilation and the very tasty “Love, Poetry & Revolution” boxset. Throw in some Electric Prunes, Citradels, Vibravoid, Jim Noir and a bunch of other interesting artists and that’s the show – so until next week  [when we’ll hopefully have a very special guest to talk to].....
..... here’s the playlist and some visuals.....

the Dolly Rocker Movement – Tell It Like It Is      (“A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine” 2006 Australia)
Nico – The End [Doors cover]      (“The End” LP 1974 Germany/USA)
Dark Horses – Hello, I Love You [Doors cover]      (“A Psych Tribute to the Doors” compilation 2014 USA)

Jason Crest – Teagarden Lane      (recorded 1968 UK, unreleased – taken from “Love, Poetry & Revolution:  A Journey through the British Psychedelic and Underground Scenes - 1966 To 1972” boxset compilation 2013 UK) 

Plasticland – Marketplace of the Zesty Zeal  / The Gingerbread House       (recorded 1982-85 Milwaukee, USA – taken from “Make Yourself a Happening Machine:  A Collection” CD anthology 2006 USA)

the Fast Camels – The Nobgoblin      (“The Magic Optician” 2007 Scotland, UK)

the Orgone Box – Anaesthesia       (recorded 1999 UK – taken from “Centaur” anthology 2014 UK)

the Electric Prunes – Hideaway      (“Underground” LP 1967 USA)

the Merry-Go-Round – Listen, Listen!      (7”single 1967 USA)

les Limiñanas – Liverpool       (demo version – taken from Trouble In Mind : Liverpool Psych Fest Label Sampler” 2013 USA/UK)
Robyn Hitchcock – Uncorrected Personality Traits      (“I Often Dream of Trains” LP 1984 UK)
Jacco Gardner – Clear The Air      (“Cabinet of Curiosities” 2013 Netherlands)
the Rolling Stones – She Smiled Sweetly      (“Between the Buttons” LP 1966 UK)
the Citradels – This Man      (“Droned & Rethroned” 2014 Melbourne, Australia)
Espers – The Road of Golden Dust      (“Espers 111” 2009 Philadelphia, USA)
the Story – Lingering      (“Arcane Rising” 2007 UK)
Vibravoid – The White Ship [HP Lovecraft cover]      (“Gravity Zero” 2012 Germany)
Flavor Crystals – Mirror Chop      (“Flavor Crystals 111” LP 2012 Minneapolis, USA)
Violet Swells – Only      (pre-release mp3 of 7”single b-side [to Jupiter’s Garden] 2014 Tasmania, Australia)
the Jason Tryp Experience – Sinclair Across the Seas      (“The Many Colours of Tryp” EP 2013 USA)
Urtekk – Patterns      (recorded 2014 Adelaide, Australia – taken from “Going Steady Mixtape #1” compilation 2014 Australia)
Chris & Craig – Isha      (7”single 1967 Los Angeles, USA)
Jim Noir – Look Around You      (“Jim Noir” 2008 UK)
Hour Glass – Bells      (“Hour Glass” LP 1968 USA)
Pinkunoizu – Tin Can Valley      (“The Drop” LP 2013 USA)