Three D Radio announcer, Megan Cat (up until recently with her husband, the late Peter Brat) lives in "The BratHaus" a rural seaside home about 100km from Adelaide on South Australia's scenic Fleurieu Peninsula.
Veteran musician Peter, and artist/musician Megan, were long-time DJs on Three D Radio 93.7fm
, Adelaide's eclectic independent music station.
Together Peter & Megan, known as "The Cat and The Brat" created this blog to allow listeners to review the playlists of their radio show, "Technicolour Dreaming" , watch clips of selected songs and simply join them in the enjoyment of their favourite music... psychedelia, 60's garage,
surf, punk/post-punk, pop, folk-rock, glam, 'Krautrock', goth, 80's electro... and much more!
But The Cat is carrying on the tradition, with guest co-presenters, and "Technicolour Dreaming" will continue in the same format, drawing from the huge "Cat & Brat" music collection, with the addition of new releases and reissues to keep things current. The Brat is hugely missed, but the show must go on, as he wanted...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obscured By...

It probably says something about an Obscured By... audience that the best reaction we got this show was to a 42 year old flexi disc promoting a Readers Digest LP box set!   But then it probably says even more that we actually played it, along with another flexi designed for service station owners to promote a new, exciting kind of fuel.  That one is so obscure, we have no idea who is on it or when it came out.  But then, we also uncovered an early 60s track by The Big Three, with pre-Mamas & Papas Cass Elliott, which was not only a heavy influence on a current Neil Young version of the same song, but a rather well known and apparently unrelated hit in the meantime.  Very rare Australian tracks (Snakes Alive) were also included as usual, along with the other delights listed below.  All three "dots", at your service...
Billy Thorpe – You Don’t Live Twice     (7”single b-side 1967 Australia)
the Castaways (feat. Frankie Stevens) – Baby, What I Mean     (7”single b-side 1968 Aust.)
the Groove – You are the One I Love     (7”single 1968 Melbourne, Aust.)
the Valentines – Getting Better     (7”single b-side 1969 Perth, Aust.)
Snakes Alive – Aberrations      (‘Snakes Alive’ LP 1974 Aust.)
the Big Three – The Banjo Song     (7”single 1963 USA)
Shocking Blue – Venus [rare stereo mix]     (7”single 1969 Holland)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Oh Susannah     (‘Americana’ 2012 USA)
Sapphire Thinkers – Doin’ Alright     (‘From Within’ LP 1968 USA) 
the Palace of Light – Books     (7”single b-side 1991 UK)
Davy Jones – Girl     (7”single 1971 USA – taken from ‘The Bell Recordings 1971-72’ anthology) 
Scott Walker – Seventh Seal     (‘Scott 4’ LP 1969 UK)
Procol Harum – [Outside the Gates of] Cerdes     (‘Procol Harum’ LP 1967 UK)
Barclay James Harvest – Pools of Ice     (out-take 1968 UK – taken from ‘Barclay James Harvest’ 2002 CD-remaster)
the Seventh Seal – Spiritual Springs     (‘the Seventh Seal’  1997 Japan/UK)
Allan Toohey – Magical Melodies     (‘Readers Digest’ promo flexi-disc 1970 Aust.)
Arthur Ferrante & Louis Teicher – Tico-Tico     (‘Sound-proof: Sounds of Tomorrow Today’ 1956 USA)
We All Want To – You Used to be Funny     (flexidisc 2012 Australia)
the Avengers – We Are The One      (7”single 1977 California, USA)
FEAR – Living In The City     (7”single 1978 California, USA)
“???” – “H-Power”     (Ampol Petrol Co. commercial 1970[?] Australia)
Flipper – Brainwash      (7”single b-side 1981 USA)
T.Rex – There was a Time/ Raw Ramp     (7”single b-side 1971 UK)


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