Three D Radio announcer, Megan Cat (up until recently with her husband, the late Peter Brat) lives in "The BratHaus" a rural seaside home about 100km from Adelaide on South Australia's scenic Fleurieu Peninsula.
Veteran musician Peter, and artist/musician Megan, were long-time DJs on Three D Radio 93.7fm
, Adelaide's eclectic independent music station.
Together Peter & Megan, known as "The Cat and The Brat" created this blog to allow listeners to review the playlists of their radio show, "Technicolour Dreaming" , watch clips of selected songs and simply join them in the enjoyment of their favourite music... psychedelia, 60's garage,
surf, punk/post-punk, pop, folk-rock, glam, 'Krautrock', goth, 80's electro... and much more!
But The Cat is carrying on the tradition, with guest co-presenters, and "Technicolour Dreaming" will continue in the same format, drawing from the huge "Cat & Brat" music collection, with the addition of new releases and reissues to keep things current. The Brat is hugely missed, but the show must go on, as he wanted...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Technicolour Dreaming

Ant and Dan from Adelaide’s conquering psych heroes, Ride Into The Sun, were welcomed back from their recent US tour, which centred on their well-received appearance at the 2013 Austin Psych Fest, as interviewees & guest programmers on this week’s show. We also previewed tracks from their new, self-titled mini-LP [available in a very limited edition on psychedelic, multi-coloured vinyl, as well as on CD] which will be launched here on Saturday 6th July, when they play alongside the Morning After Girls and Archers at ‘Jive’ in Hindley Street... certainly a contender for ‘gig of the year’! The guys had lots of stories to share from their sojourn in the US and played tracks by some of the bands they encountered, including the Black Ryder, Singapore Sling and, of course, festival hosts the Black Angels. Also thrown into the mix of sounds were Spain’s Los Chicos, German psychedelicists Sula Bassana and the debut of Adelaide’s the Byzantines plus the latest single by Pond, a classic b-side from the Stems and a track from the new Mikal Cronin LP, finishing with a French 60’s single by Les Yper Sound which was later used in the theme for TV’s ‘Futurama’.....
..... so here is the playlist plus some visuals.....
the Byzantines – Punch On      (demo 2013 Adelaide, Australia)
Mikal Cronin – Am I Wrong      (‘MC11’ 2013 USA)
Sula Bassana – Underground      (‘Dark Days’ 2012 Germany)
the Teardrop Explodes – Bouncing Babies [orig. version]      (7”single 1979 UK)
Los Chicos – War or Party      (‘In the Age of Stupidity’ 2013 Spain)
Pond – Xanman       (CD-single 2013 Perth, Australia)
Indian Puddin’ & Pipe – Hashish      (‘Fifth Pipe Dream’ compilation LP 1968 USA)
the Koala – Strange Feelings      (‘The Koala’ LP 1969 New Jersey, USA)
Dean Allen Foyd – Lovely Sort of Death      (‘The Sounds Can Be So Cruel’ 2012 Stockholm, Sweden)
Roek’s Family – Never an Everyday Thing      (7”single b-side [to Get Yourself a Ticket] 1969 Netherlands)
the Flower Machine – The Tangerine Albatross      (‘Lavender Lane’ 2010 Los Angeles, USA)
Cate Le Bon – Shoeing the Bones      (‘Me Oh My’ 2009 Wales, UK)
Nirvana – Rainbow Chaser      (7”single 1968 UK)
Malibooz – Pier Pressure      (‘New Centre of the Universe Vol.1’ compilation 2012 Australia)
Ride Into The Sun – These Are The Ones That Shoot      (‘Ride Into The Sun’ mini-LP 2013 Adelaide, Australia)
       *  Live Studio Interview with Dan & Ant from Ride Into The Sun  *
the Morning After Girls – Run For Our Lives      (7”single 2006 Australia)
Ride Into The Sun – Gun Song      (‘Ride Into The Sun’ mini-LP 2013 Aust.)
the Stems – She’s A Monster      (7”single b-side [to Make You Mine] 1985 Perth, Australia)
Singapore Sling – Nightlife       (‘Life is Killing my Rock’n’Roll’ 2004 Reykjavík, Iceland)
the Lovetones – A New Low       (‘Provenance: Collected Works’ anthology 2012 Australia)
Ride Into The Sun – Hunt Like Wolves      (CD-single 2013 Adelaide, Australia)
the Black Angels – Watch Out Boy      (7”single 2012 USA)
the Black Ryder – the Greatest Fall      (‘Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride’ 2009 Australia)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Head Up High      (‘B.R.M.C.’ 2001 San Francisco, USA)
the Damned – White Rabbit [Jefferson Airplane cover]      (extended, unreleased version recorded 1980 UK – bonus track on ‘The Black Album’ deluxe reissue 2005 UK)
the Occasional Dead Flys – Dirt [Stooges cover]      (‘A Real Cool Time - Distorted Sounds from the North’ compilation LP 1985 Sweden)
Les Yper-Sound – Psyché Rock      (‘Too Fortiche’ EP 1967 France – taken from ‘Pop À Paris:  Psyché - Rock Et Minijupes,Vol.2’ compilation 2004 France)

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