Three D Radio announcer, Megan Cat (up until recently with her husband, the late Peter Brat) lives in "The BratHaus" a rural seaside home about 100km from Adelaide on South Australia's scenic Fleurieu Peninsula.
Veteran musician Peter, and artist/musician Megan, were long-time DJs on Three D Radio 93.7fm
, Adelaide's eclectic independent music station.
Together Peter & Megan, known as "The Cat and The Brat" created this blog to allow listeners to review the playlists of their radio show, "Technicolour Dreaming" , watch clips of selected songs and simply join them in the enjoyment of their favourite music... psychedelia, 60's garage,
surf, punk/post-punk, pop, folk-rock, glam, 'Krautrock', goth, 80's electro... and much more!
But The Cat is carrying on the tradition, with guest co-presenters, and "Technicolour Dreaming" will continue in the same format, drawing from the huge "Cat & Brat" music collection, with the addition of new releases and reissues to keep things current. The Brat is hugely missed, but the show must go on, as he wanted...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Technicolour Dreaming

Firstly we’d like to begin by saying congratulations to Cat & Brat faves, Chicago’s the Luck of Eden Hall, for achieving their Kickstarter campaign to raise over $14,000 to help pay for their tour of the UK and Europe later this year. They had the bookings but not much cash so we are pleased to announce that Curvey and his merry band of psychsters achieved their goal – they are still ‘travelling on the cheap’ so it gives some idea of the logistics and cost of a relatively small band to take their music overseas..... there are many Australian musicians who can no doubt relate. Anyway, we wish this very cool band all the best and so just had to play a track from their most recent LP, “Victoria Moon”. We did get a bit nostalgic on this show and played some older tracks by a few of our favourite bands, such as Temples, All Night Radio, Dark Ocean Colors and the Dandelion, as well as recent ones from the likes of the Black Ryder, Moon Duo and Melbourne’s Ben Mason. The 60’s were not forgotten either, with songs from the Rolling Stones and Mike Furber leading up to our compilation of the week, Psychedelia : an herbal mixture of psychedelic remedies and freakbeat fantoms”, a 5-CD boxset of rarities from that era. Four of the sides were originally issued on vinyl in the 1990s by the UK’s “Tiny Alice” label with the fifth being the intended but unreleased final release – now it’s a CD boxset compilation and a great find if you are into late-60’s pop-psych rarities from Europe and the UK. So, until next week, we bid you “adieu”.....
..... and leave you with the playlist and some visual accompaniment.....

Temples - Sand Dance      ("Sun Structures" 2013 UK)

nick nicely - 49 Cigars      ( 7" single 1980 UK – taken from "Psychotropia” anthology 2010 UK)

the Rolling Stones - Sing this all together (see what happens)    ("Their Satanic Majesties' Request" LP 1967 UK)
Mike Furber - You      (7" single 1966 Australia)
the Steve Miller Band - The Beauty of Time Is That It's Snowing [Psychedelic BB]      ("Children of the Future"  LP 1968 California USA)

the Luck of Eden Hall - The Collapse of Suzy Star      ("Victoria Moon"  LP 2014 Chicago USA)
the Black Ryder -  The Seventh Moon      ( "The Door Behind The Door" 2015  Aust. / USA)

the Dandelion - Borderline Originality Disorder      ("Strange Case of the Dandelion" LP 2014 Australia)
Moon Duo - Night Beat      ("Shadow of the Sun" 2015 California, USA)

Jack - The End of the Way It’s Always Been      ("The End of the Way It’s Always Been" 2002 Cardiff, Wales)

All Night Radio - Fall Down 7      ("Spirit Stereo Frequency" 2004 USA)

DeWolff - Silver Lovemachine      ("Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants" 2012 Holland)

Dark Ocean Colors - Alone with Candy      (“Dark Ocean Colors” 2011 USA)

High Dials - Chinese Boxes       (“Anthems for Doomed Youth” 2010 Canada)

Psychedelia : An herbal mixture of psychedelic remedies and freakbeat fantoms  

Orange Machine - Dr Crippen's Waiting Room       (7" single b-side (to You Can all Join In) 1969 Dublin, Ireland – taken from “Psychedelia : An herbal mixture of psychedelic remedies and freakbeat fantoms” 5-CD compilation box set  2015 UK – Disc 3)


Cape Kennedy Construction Company - Armageddon      (7" single b-side (to First Step on the Moon) 1969 UK – taken from “Psychedelia....” Disc 1)

the Executives - Moving in a Circle   (7" single b-side (to It's a Happening World) 1968 Australia – taken from “Psychedelia....” Disc 2)

the Gibsons - City Life    (7" single b-side (to Night and Day) 1967 Australia – taken from “Psychedelia....” Disc 1)

No to Co - Saturday to Sunday      ("So What" LP 1970 Poland – taken from “Psychedelia....” Disc 5)

the Mirage - I see the rain      (7" acetate 1970 Hertfordshire UK– taken from “Psychedelia....” Disc 3)
Edwick Rumbold - Boggle Woggle      (7" single b-side (to Shades of Grey) 1966 UK– taken from “Psychedelia....” Disc 2)

Ben Mason - Esmerelda      ("She'd Need a Heart" pre-release 2015 Melbourne, Australia)

Sun Dial - Out of Space, Out of Time       (7" single 2002 USA)
the Peoples Temple - (the) Forest Speaks       ("More for the Masses" 2012 USA)

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